Nathalie Ouellet
Owner of CreativeBlue, born in Quebec City, living in Toronto since 1987. She is a French-Canadian voice-over talent who has worked with such brands as The Bay, Toyota, Deloitte, and Finastra.

As a bilingual consultant, Nathalie is ready to help you inform and engage your customer base.

Meet her assistants.

Cat sitting inside a filing box

Gumby is our dedicated office assistant. Whenever there is a box of files, she will take care of it. No box is too big or too small for her.

Tortie cat sitting on a laptop.

Goblin is our technical support. She ensures our laptop runs smoothly. She is also a trusted Certified Mouse Specialist.

Adorable Tortoiseshell cat in front of studio microphone

Every voice-over project requires a good Casting Director. Being our most vocal Tortie cat, Marble what we like to call our « CATsing director ». Our furry friend likes to jump close to the mic when she feels the audio needs a special touch. Her favorite keyboard buttons are [ REC ], [ STOP ] and [ PAWS ] … That’s Pause for cats. Obviously. 😉