Looking for bilingual digital services?

We offer consulting services in several fields: Interactive Media/Websites, Voice overs, French Editing and Proofreading, Social Media. We are based in Toronto, Ontario but can work with you wherever you are.

    French content for various platforms
  • Would you like to provide French content online for your company?
  • Do you need someone to proofread your business texts in French and adapt your message for your website, app, Facebook page, Twitter account or interactive presentation?

    Website audit - Online product evaluation
  • Do you need to test your website, e-learning module or your app?
  • Is your company website saying the same thing in French and in English?
  • Do you know if your online forms work as intended?
  • Are some web links broken or bringing customers to an older page?

    User experience and Beta testing
  • Are you looking for useful, concrete feedback from a Beta User before a product or service launch?

    Voice overs and Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVR)
  • Do you need a French-speaking voice over talent for business videos, tutorials, podcasts, IVR messages, tv or radio commercials?
  • Do you need a bilingual professional to supervise the production of your recordings?

We can help. Contact us for more information.

.: It's old fashion and it's appreciated

Send a written note to a client. Choose a unique greeting card here from one of our bilingual collections (oil pastels and photographs).

.: Two greeting card collections

Greating cards for all occasions:

• a short note to a friend
• an invitation
• a thank you card for a client of your company.

Have a look at our greeting card portfolio. If you are interested in our artwork, let us know.